Kennel Petit Pote


Opdrt af  Engelsk  Bulldog















































You don't know what we think ! Josefine Johanne Julie




























































                       Pedigree for Petit pote Frida Olivia



































Petit Pote Ellen Sofie venter hvalpe ca. 1. maj 2013. Petit Pote Ellen sofie is exspecting  cups 1 of may 2013. Faderen er/ The father is: DKCH Happy Boy Andor V. Zanybulls.
Se flere billeder af Ellen/ see more pictures of Ellen  her.

Pedigree: Petit Pote Ellen sofie

Last years mating, gave 1 cup. See pictures below. We think the outcome is verry prommising. The cups name is Petit Pote Iemil.

The pedigree of DKCH Happy Boy Andor V. Zanybulls